DIY Gift idea

 I have a friend who just recently had a birthday. I decided to do a simple diy gift for her. With the holidays around the corner this would work perfectly as well. Here is my video link on how I achieved the screen print bag. DIY gift idea



Spring Look book

Its been awhile since ive posted on my blog, so I guess its time to catch up!

Ive been going through a lot so I put my blog and a few other things on the back burner. But things are looking brighter now.

lets start it off with a small spring lookbook.  Dressing up was so fun this year for Resurrection Sunday aka Easter. Although it was stressful Getting ready, we were able to pull off the look.


Modest in spring

The girls got their dresses from Citi Trends and I got my dress from Rue21, hat from Burlington Coat Factory.




Tulle dress from Rue21




A typical spring day


5 Summer Bedroom Essentials

Since summer has started my room has been a big disappointment. I feel like it needs more life and a major redo, so look for a future room DIY REDO.  I’m always looking online and on Pinterest for some new room essentials and here are 5 that I came up with.

  1. A Good Book

Read your favorite book before bed to help you relax.  A book I’m currently reading is, Successful Women Think Differently, by Valorie Burton,204,203,200_.jpg

2. Light Bedding

Nothing says summer then white or light colored bedding. It adds that extra clean, light feeling to your room. Here are some perfect examples from Parachute

Sateen Venice Set

Linen Blend Duvet Set

3. Decorative Pillows

I LOVE color, so colorful decorative pillows are a must! It helps add a little pizazz to any room.

Comfortable bed with colorful pillows

Comfortable bed with colorful pillows in bedroom

4. A Fan

Those hot summer days are no joke. To help you sleep comfortably and to save on your bills, invest in a fan. It will help cool you down at night and the white noise from the fan can help you fall asleep.

Vornado Duo Small Room Tower Circulator from Target

5. Plant

Add some Green to your room by adding some plants to your bed side table. Succulent plants are not only cute, but they require little attention which is PERFECT for me.

I hope this helped anyone in my position. Let me know of some of your room essentials.

Modest lookbook

WARNING: Be prepared to be swarmed with lots of pictures and cuteness.

I believe toddlers should look like toddlers. I see pictures on instagram of these stylish kids who are dressed like adults. Don’t get me wrong, the kids look so beautiful, but it takes away from them looking like kids. The fun colors and/or cute little kid outfits.But that’s just myopinion.










With Love, Lydie

$20 modest outfit challenge

So I follow the blog Modestlyhot , who by the way has amazing style! She had a $20 outfit challenge  and I knew I wanted to get in on it. I never thought it would be fun to find a whole outfit for just under $20.


I work at a daycamp so I needed something to wear that wouldnt over heat me outside. I am normally not a fashion risk taker, but I decided I needed to change that. Polka-dot skirt with a scoop neck graphic tee? I don’t know I kinda like it.


Visor- $2.88 at walmart
Graphic tee- $3.00 at Rue21
Polka-dot skirt- about $3.00 at goodwill
With tax= $9.50. Yay!
Rue21 is very affordable  especially when they have their sales. And of course shopping at thrift stores is always affordable.